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I am a multi- genre writer.   

I believe art has power. Power to engage. To allow the participant a safe space to explore outside their comfort zone. Visual art explodes colour and shape into our experience.  Written words are fireworks of ideas, allowing the reader to create their own visuals. There is a safety valve here, because the reader creates the visual they can handle.  But the message is equally potent to all. Art permeates who we are, expanding conversations, empowering. I am honoured to be an artist of words.

 FICTION…..My first novel, Primrose Street was nominated for a Canadian award. My next novel, It’s Lonely in Paradise, is based on a true story, and its sequel, Love Lies Bleeding is a thriller.  On the Edge, a crime fiction novel, will be out in 2022. 

NON-FICTION….My six book series that redefines grief, Remember, It’s OK, is powerful creative non-fiction. No one who has lost a loved one will ever be alone again.

I invite you into my pages and possibly out of your comfort zone. A new and exciting world awaits.


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A new crime fiction series.  Move over Jack Reacher, there’s a new hero in town: Cole Buckman, MI6.


In this first novel of the series, Cole’s father, an internationally known federal prosecutor, is almost killed by a mercenary cell. Cole sets out to discover who is behind the attack.  He has no idea the hornets’ nest he is stepping into and how far reaching the operation goes.  He gathers together his team: Doc, an undercover cop; Charlie Tuna, forensics specialist; 2Tall, weapons expert; Trish the Dish, computer genius; intelligence officer, Mackenzie Gallo. Together they begin to unravel the mercenary cell, hired by government officials around the world, all part of a global initiative called Strike Force. By setting out to save Kitch, they end up saving the world instead.

Buckle up, you’re in for quite the ride.



Heather is navigating the world of being a single working mother to a teenage son.  She is encouraged by a friend to enter the world of online dating. She soon meets John, a handsome biotech engineer. At the same time, women begin to go missing and the news reports are chilling.  Are the two connected?  The ending will leave you in shock and awe.

Love Lies Bleeding is the sequel to It’s Lonely in Paradise. 


Haunted by her past and trapped in her present, Heather packs her bags and her young son and runs hundreds of miles away to a developing country hoping to lose herself in the work of helping others.  But the two are tossed into a world of racial tensions and violence, forcing Heather to face herself, realize the power of true love and learn to be her own hero. It’s Lonely in Paradise is based on a true story.


When an invitation arrives in the mailboxes of residents of Primrose Street, they must decide whether to allow authenticity into their lives and neighbourhood or remain limited in their relationships and in themselves.  Bold, raw and wondrous, Primrose Street will open doors. With a rich cast of characters, Primrose Street sheds light on questions that haunt us and exposes the poison of secrets.


All books can be ordered using the buttons provided under each book.  For a faster service, you can go to your local bookstore and order them directly from them.  Supporting your local bookstore is always a good idea. 🙂


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I wrote this book with Jayne and learned so much myself.  I use the information in here all the time and wanted to share it with you.  It is invaluable.  You can apply the learning for your whole family, regardless of age or species.  My cat’s runny eyes really responded to the Cell Salts. And when I got food poisoning I recovered so quickly with the help of the remedy.  Hope you love what we created here.  I also loved creating the cover and Jayne’s spiral logo.


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Losing an animal friend can be heartbreaking. To many, quite devastating. They are part of your life, you family, your heart. So many people who lose a pet friend suffer in silence.  It can often be difficult to get understanding and validation for the depth of that loss. But it is a loss, a deep one.  And grief will find its way into your life.  Remember,  It’s OK. We are here to support you, and give guidance to others who want to understand and help.  You are not alone.  Your grief is real and we are here to help you on your grief journey.   


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Losing a sibling can feel like losing a piece of yourself. Your family has been rocked. Losing a friend can feel exactly the same, often without the validation from family and friends. The bond that connects us to people we love is strong, and their loss creates a hole in our lives. It can feel like that hole is bottomless. It’s not. Remember, it’s OK. You are not alone. We will help you find your way back. We are here for you.


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Time often stands still when we lose someone we love, especially if that someone is our child.  Loss of a child is life altering.  We hope we can calm your heart and offer thoughts and suggestions to help you move forward in your life.

The loss of a parent is heartbreaking. Your parent has been part of your life and has affected your self-esteem, relationships, decision-making, and life choices. Whether you experienced a warm relationship or one fraught with difficulty, this book will help you deal with your grief journey.

If you have lost your partner, your love, your other half, this book is for you. If you don’t know where to turn because your heart is so very broken, open the cover of this book. Inside these pages are moments you can identify with and guidance that will help you on this painful journey through grief.


Whether it be the death of a friend or family member, this book was written in consultation with teens so they have a voice. Inside these pages are moments a teen can identify with and guidance that will help you on your painful journey. There are no secrets here–this book can be your safety net, your comfort, your help. You are not alone. Remember, It’s OK.