Did you know....

I like to be able to talk about my work. It gives you the inside scoop; my motivation for writing what I do and why. It allows you to get to know me a little bit better.  Check out these podcasts and articles.


New Crime Fiction

Read the article in The Orangeville Citizen newspaper, that discusses how On the Edge was born.

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You can buy my books at your  local bookstore, the publisher or amazon.  Go to the button on My Books page.  

The Mourning Glory Cafe

Reporter Constance Scrafield interviewed me for The Orangeville Citizen newspaper, as I was asked to participate in the “death cafe”, as it is known in Britain. Click below to read the article.

Feel free to always reach out to me via email.  And to buy books, your local bookstore is always the best option.

The Courage Wolf Podcast with Terry Oliver

Terry has created something really special here.  It was an honour for Marian and I to be able to tell our story here.  I feel we finally had a chance to really explain our books, Remember, It’s OK, the series.  Have a listen.  It will open the doors to what our books are all about, how they came to be and what is there for everyone.

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There are so many wonderful people Dr. Marquis speaks with on her very unique podcast.  I was thrilled to be part of her podcast.

In this podcast I talk with Jayne about my novel It’s Lonely in Paradise.  We talk a lot about the background to this book, something I don’t often discuss.  It’s motivation.  We also explore the main theme: become your own hero!!

Have a listen. I’ve posted a link to the show below. 


In this podcast with Jayne I talk about the Remember, It’s OK series of books; what inspired them and the wish for how they will transform the way we all deal with grief.  Have a listen.  I’ve put the link below.

My colleague on the Remember, It’s OK series (Marian Grace Boyd) did a beautiful podcast with Jayne Marquis.  Have a listen.  Marian is so eloquent and passionate when talking about how to avoid grief pulling us under. 

Articles on-line

The Orangeville Banner interviewed me about the Remember, It’s OK series of books.  Specifically, they wanted to know what inspired the series, and so I told them. It was inspired because of a deep loss that I suffered.  The article explains it well.


I did an interview for this magazine that asked me about diversity, racism, personal power. It was quite a journey.  I think you’ll find the article enlightening and empowering.

Diversity is a very strong theme in my novel Primrose Street, and the toxicity of secrets we feel we need to keep.  I felt this article unveils a lot of my feelings on these subjects.


This was fun. I was able to talk about my visual art in this article, and be able to showcase some of my work.  The Guelph Arts Council made this article possible. The goal was to let the art of artists shine.