About Me

The arts and nature are intertwined.  They have been my inspiration, my place of refuge, my glimpse into needed change. Art and nature can be full of boundless beauty, and harsh realities.  They walk beside me in my life, guiding and enlightening.

I grew up on a farm in central Ontario where chores abounded.  On a warm summer afternoon, I would steal away with my quart basket of books, a snack and a drink and scuff my way up my favorite apple tree.  It was my favorite because it was the easiest to climb, and had a good view of the farm so I could see trouble coming and avoid more work. Sure, it also offered snacks in fall.  My favourite time. I would read for hours up there, and lie back on the large supportive limb conjuring my own stories. At bedtime, I read and wrote late into the night, under my covers, with a flashlight. My reading and writing followed me throughout my life, morphing into different forms and genres.  I loved my time at University and devoured every book I could find.   HonB.A., M.A., B.Ed. 

Off I went to work at CBC (the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) as a journalist, and then to write media programs for schools, and then to teach language and arts to students from grades 4-12.  I worked throughout urban and rural Ontario, the developing portions of the West Indies, amidst the beauty and history of Greece.  My childhood lessons from art and nature appeared again and again….I experienced beauty, and harsh realities.  These experiences expanded me, changed me. I wanted to write and share through my words exclusively.  And that is what I am doing now.

I have come full circle, I have returned to my passion….the world of art and nature.  It is an exciting journey, one I am sharing with all of you.

And one that is only just beginning.