Ok, it’s true, Philippa Gergory’s historical fiction from the 1400s is my reading candy. Her writing style pulls you in with its lyrical quality and sensitive descriptions. Her characters come to life and you feel them, care about them, care with them. And then of course, there is the history part. Her research is impeccable and well documented. To write a book is such a task, but to write a book that involves undisputable facts and then to weave a fictional tale that fills in the gaps just blows me away. I am always sad when I finish one of her books. But they sit on my shelf, waiting until I pull one down again. It doesn’t matter how often I read them, the magic is still there.

The White Princess is quite interesting as it bridges the gap between a very tumultuous time in British history (well, it was all tumultuous, but the war of the roses took a particular spin). This was the queen that gave birth to our oh so famous King Henry the 8th. After reading this book, you walk away with more understanding of how Henry became as numb to women and life as he did. His mother was strong, his grandmother very powerful and yet the insecurity that surrounded his life obviously took a toll. He vowed to never to put in a similar situation again.

Even if you are not a fan of the middle ages, this is a great read that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I loved it.