A bestseller. And it is a good read for sure. Keeps you asking questions and wondering. Lots of surprises and twists and turns. Maybe repetition is needed for a book like this. Maybe it is thought that the reader will forget details or characters. Because there is a lot of repetition here. After a while the alcoholic reminders become irritating, because I do pay attention to details and don’t need to keep rereading the same facts. I found that to be taxing. And there were a number of lose ends that didn’t get tied up. And again, maybe all lose ends don’t need to be tied with a red bow. But rather than use up all those pages repeating a lot of the same information, I wish instead the author had spent more time on the killer and that family. There was no real understanding or justification for what was done and why, not really. (I’m trying to not use names here so that if you haven’t read it, nothing will be ruined for you). It just ended. That was unsatisfying for me. A few too many random details that pulled things together, thinly. Again, a great read and I would recommend it. But it didn’t pulse for me, not the way The Devil You Know did. A book so overlooked but brilliant in its execution. But, that’s the book world for you. You just never know what will be put on a pedestal or why.