Have we become sheep being led to the slaughter? How far we will allow this all to go before we wake up and see how we are being manipulated. We are all walking around with our masks covering who we really are, breathing in fibers that enter our lungs to cause us health issues down the road. Why are we not questioning these orders. And make no mistake, they are orders with no choice. I didn’t think I lived in China. Why are we so easily accepting this police state? There are so many contradictions that make wearing a mask a joke. Are most in such denial, been so brainwashed by media messages that they can’t see this? We continue to comply, like robots. There is no hard evidence to prove that masks make a difference. Sure, there are bits and pieces here and there. Propaganda put forward by the government through our not-free press. The media should be ashamed of how they are breeding fear based on …. thin and biased, managed information. Only a select few facts are shown: never are numbers presented as percentages because they are too small (2% of people have died in Canada overall, not as many as other illnesses); when numbers are quoted in the media, it is not clear if other illnesses are now being lumped in with Covid to keep people afraid; it is a flu and not ebola, most will recover; seniors with health issues and others with health issues are at risk from dying from a number of illnesses, nothing new: a vaccine is not the answer, we have never eradicated any flu: we all have an expiry date. Why are we so afraid? Do we truly want to live in this world of no choice where we have become afraid of each other? Where there is no fun and no gatherings? Where things are closed and we are fined for wanting to be on a beach? Is this how we want our young people to grow up? We are stealing time and true living from everyone and it is criminal. There is a law suit now underway challenging the government for basically turning our democracy into police state. We are moving into days not unlike the Hitler regime, with those tattling on others, all because of fear. What next? Where will this lead us? It is time to really look at what is happening and put aside this fear. Fear breed fear. The government is clever. Very clever. We are all the stupid ones for believing without question. These are people, flawed people, not divine beings making these decisions. It is time to take off these masks and step into the light of a future we choose. There will always be illnesses on this planet. We cannot run or hide from that. In the meantime….let’s live our lives, together, mask free, fear free!! To life, freedom and choice. It’s time.