We had been friends for as long as I can remember. Then she got married. He was nice. I liked him and for a while things were great and our friendship even stronger. But after a couple of years the discussions at our lunches were more and more about him; how he wasn’t doing this, or that, or how she couldn’t do this, or that. Nothing about things we did together, nothing about my life or problems or joys. Then their first child came along. Things were fine again until the child turned 2 and we were back to the complaining and my life had no place in her life. Then it happened. She invited me to come and stay for a weekend and so I did. I was excited, hopeful. I asked if I could bring my dog and the answer was ‘sure, no problem’. She had led me to believe it would just be me and her. When I arrived there were other visitors, other children, people seemed a bit hung over. I couldn’t seem to do anything right, I was chastised for bringing the dog, “what were you thinking” my friend said. I was in shock. Everyone decided to go for a walk and I said I was going to take off. There wasn’t even a goodbye.

When I got home I decided I should send my friend an email, just reminding her of what we had agreed upon before I came. Her reply brought tears to my eyes, and not in a good way. She denied everything that we had previously said together. She quoted her husband chapter and verse and said she agreed with him. She lied. She lied. She distorted the truth and all to save face with this man she had decided to stay with.

Our friendship is in ruins. She is in ruins. I feel ruined, betrayed and deeply deeply sad.