Well, to begin, it’s Michael Ondaatje. Full stop. You take a breath, begin reading and don’t recognize taking another breath until the last page. You are enveloped by the words and they stick to you. Mr. Ondaatje likes the second world war era. It isn’t his first time in this time zone. He knows it well. And his style is unmistakable. It’s like reading something shrouded in a mist. Hard to see, not sure where you’re going, or he’s going, can’t quite make out people, are frequently disoriented and turned this way and that and then you step into the clearing and the mist is gone. And you’re left with this memory of your journey through the mist and it clings to you. That’s Warlight.
I would read. Put it down in frustration. Walk around the room. Pick it up again. etc etc. I finished it in two days. 🙂