Two days ago, I went to buy some cat food. I needed something different as my cat was not doing well on the current food. I love this pet store. Everyone is so knowledgeable and helpful. After a lengthy discussion, I made my selection and went home to test it out. I saw great progress in my cat’s health in a short time so decided I should get a few more cans…just in case. Two days later, the door of the store is locked with a very big sign on the front. Customers now need to knock and will be let in one by one. I wasn’t to touch anything in the store, just show them what I wanted and they would get it for me. They had wiped down all their items and the employees were constantly disinfecting. Only tap to pay, no cash.

Why this abrupt change? Someone had said that they didn’t take the whole virus thing seriously the day before, proceeded to cough into their hand and then pay. I was glad the store was at least open. I was sad that there are still some that choose to put us all at risk and keep us in isolation.

I put my items in my bag and left. A little shaken. But also encouraged that we were finding ways to get through this together.

Whatever we personally think….this is a time now for unity and agreement. We ALL need to be on the same page, so we can find the flatline of this virus.