We are not wired well.  Not in this day and age.  Where technology moves at the speed of light. Where we are supposed remain young forever. Where community and love is based on media presentations.

In the distant past, we were more connected to each other, to self, to the magic around us and change was just part of the whole matrix.  Now, it is not. Life is not meant to be easy, it is meant to be lived.  But we want the easy.  We want the pill. We want things to stay the same.  We are toddlers in big bodies having never really been taught how to grow up.

And so we cling.  Our cell structure wants things to be a certain way. We want to be in the pool that doesn’t move rather than in the ebb and flow of the changing river. We want shining moments to last forever. But change is life.  It really is. And rather than fight and cling we need to learn to allow for ebb and flow. Breathe in, breathe out. Feel the pain of cells moving, changing and then stand in the new place.

Change can be small or large; as a room being painted a colour we don’t like, or the end of an excellent week long holiday, or the close of a vibrant celebration dinner, or the death of someone we care deeply for. Ah, you don’t like that comparison.  It diminishes your grief of one over the other.  But look more closely, because they are the same. And the more we can accept that, the more we can move from one change to the next, one experience to the next without losing valuable time in ‘recovery’.

We can only be where our feet are placed at this moment. Be there, really be there, because it will soon change. And don’t cling to the shining moments, another is around the corner and it would be a shame to miss out, because we are clinging too tightly to one that is gone. However beautiful and lovely and wonderful it was.

Change is grief.  It is also life. And we’re all in it.