Our state of mind determines all….and yet, our state of mind shifts and blows like a leaf off a tree it would seem.

As I stand before the vast expanse of ocean, spreading out and away before me I am overcome with a sense of largeness, infinite options and expansiveness.  And yet….if I was in a state of grief that same feeling of lucid limitless would become a vast void of endless pain, going on forever and ever.  WOW.  One open element before me, can bring about such a vast difference of meaning, all dependent on where my mind sits at that moment. Can we control where our mind sits.  I believe we get better at it.  Or we get better at observing where it sits, and we begin to recognize that we are not that alone.  That our mind shifts and bends constantly. That is what we can count on.  So we become like the tides of the ocean.  High tide is a time for celebration and creation, and yet it cannot stay there forever.  It just cannot.  So when low tide approaches, bringing exposed raw awareness of things beneath the surface, we need to learn to watch and wait, observe and be patient.  The high tide will return.  We can become so consumed with effects of the low tide that the high tide could drown us….or we realize that all is a shift and flow.  And grief is another name for part of that.