It’s been four year since he died.  Wasn’t it yesterday?  Nope, four years.  So I really should be ok, you know, all better, healed, together, moving on, over it.

I had to go into a store a few weeks ago and someone came over that recognized me.  She started prattling on about this and that and then said, “Oh he is such a sweetheart, please say hi to him for me, I haven’t seen him in ages”.  Well fuck me sideways.  Seriously.  Talk about being blindsided.  I just stared at her and said, without blinking, “He’s dead. Has been for four years”, and walked out of the store.  I was just drained in an instant.

The earth is a small place. There is no where to run, not really. No where to run from people, self, memories, pain that floats and hovers.  No where.

Deal with the possibility.

So you aren’t thrown on the ground.

Instead, sail. Catch a wind, and sail.